Ø130 mm Tilting Bellow

TK060.840 Panel tilt module is designed to give the panels a different usage angle in the connection between operator panels and operator arms.The product’s max. diameter is Ø 130 mm and it has no rotation feature around its own axis.As an additional feature, thanks to the bellows structure on the bottom of the product, it provides the most suitable position for the user with an angular movement of ± 45° on the vertical axis. This product is designed for panel types with large depths (For example, for applications with ECO 1500 panel series or above.)

Weight (gr): 1140
Color RAL No: RAL 7035 / (Bellow RAL 7016)
Package: 1
Package Dimension (mm): 140×155×110
Material: Aluminum
Movement: +30° / -40°