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Outdoor Panel Cooler Systems 2000

Panel Cooling Systems

Our outdoor panel cooling systems which meet all your expectations, used for cooling the electrical panels in the atmospheric environment, providing heat stability and reducing dust are assertive in increasing your production and energy efficiency. Our outdoor panel cooling systems, which contribute to the protection of working efficiency and lifespan of sensitive electrical and electronical components that works continuously facing high temperatures, are also appreciated by those who prefer durability, elegance and ergonomic structure.

In addition to the cooling of electrical panels, with our years of experience, we develop atmospheric products and are proud to add value to our own sector, incorporating solutions to the needs of different industries.

Cooling Capacity L35 L35 L35 L35 1700 W
Cooler Gas Type R 134a
Cooler Gas Amount 520 g
Thermostat Factory Setting 34 °C
Differential 4 °C
Indoor Unit Fan Flow Rate 945 m³/h
Outdoor Unit Fan Flow Rate 945 m³/h
Energy Frequency 50/60 Hz
Standard Power 198V …252V
Drawn Power 924 W
Operating Current 4.2 A
Starting Current 17.2 A
Weight 40 kg
Y x G x D 947 x 403 x 230
Type of metal parts Stainless 
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Protection Class IP 65
Working Range 0 °C    55 °C
Compressor Danfoss
Fans EbmPapst
Code: TPK2000P
Weight (gr): 40
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