Creating a world brand by continually improving ourselves while providing constant satisfaction for our customers



Being a preferred company in our domestic and international activities by making a difference with our talents and our innovative technology.



Our Customers: The focus of our activities is on the needs of our customers. At the same time, our customers’ satisfaction is a purpose and an incentive for us. We aim to offer innovative products at high quality. It is a permanent question for us to provide tailor-made solutions so that we can always meet the changing needs of our customers with the highest level of service. Our customers, our markets, and everything we do with our special talents is a criterion.

Out Suppliers: We always aim to establish long-term and reliable business relationships with our suppliers. We trust our existing suppliers. We expect quality, punctuality and reliability from our suppliers. With good supplier relationships, common innovations and developments that both parties benefit are possible.

Our Employees: Flexible solution of individual customer requirements is the main component of our work. Our employees are the most important assets for us. We are successful with them and together they can offer our customers the best service and support. We encourage and use the knowledge, skills and loyalty of our employees. We encourage everybody to make suggestions and initiatives. If there are faults, we are openly disputed.

World Market: We actively analyze and develop markets around the world. Teknokol respects every country of the world, people, private cultures and natural environment. All Teknokol products are marketed internationally. We look forward to new collaborations. We are open to new markets wherever the world is. We are moving fast in the global market, taking into account long-term perspectives.

Our Partners: Teknokol is a powerful living example of a traditional family business. Maintaining our existence as a family business has been our top priority. The philosophy of our family business offers personal development opportunities at the forefront. We plan each individual’s personal commitment, responsibility and cooperation. This does not only involve the continuation of successful tradition and personal relationships; this includes flexibility, quick decisions, and responsiveness to individual needs.