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Support Arm Systems

Teknokol Support Arm / Suspension arm systems for HMI enclosures provide cost efficient, quick lead time, modular assembly and customizable solutions. Teknokol Support arms are designed for loads up to 120kg.

TEKNOKOL has three different series with technical specifications for low (TK045), medium (TK060), and heavy loads (TK120). Our suspension arm systems are broadly compatible, operator-friendly, and reliable. Teknokol Support arm systems are perfectly compatible with Teknokol Operator Control panels and HMI (Human Machine Interface) enclosures resulting in great industrial display.

Operator Control Panel & HMI Enclosure Systems

Human Machine Interface enclosures designed for Support/Suspension Arm systems, Kiosks and VESA mounts. All enclosures are easily customizable and support Siemens, Omron, B&R, Beckhoff, Advantech and many more.


Control panels and Industrial PCs are now fundamental for machines and production lines. Our systems are designed for more secure operation, are ergonomically designed, and are modular.


TEKNOKOL offers two enclosure series, the ECO line (ECO060, ECO090, ECO120, and ECO150) and TKP2000. The internal depth of the enclosure can be selected for your application, moreover we can make enclosures that exceed the maximum depth of our standard models upon request, which we call the +90 Solution.


Standard features include IP65 protection, anodized aluminum color, RAL 7035 corner couplings, and RAL 7016 corner covers. Teknokol can provide custom-colored couplings and covers upon request, as well as machining for LCD screens, buttons, switches, etc.

Kiosk & Stand Systems

Our dynamic and experienced R&D team is constantly innovating to provide the solutions customers need, and we now offer four different Kiosk/Stand systems. Like all TEKNOKOL products, our Stand systems are modular, ergonomic, and reliable, with a range of stitch types and cab types.

Keyboard Systems

Teknokol offers two main groups of keyboards:

– Adjustable according to the user’s position,

– Low-cost sheet metal keyboards.


Something for every need.

Coupling Towers

Coupling towers are the solution when a support arm and panel assembly cannot be attached to a machine or to an automation line.


  1. Tower dimensions are:
    • 150×150 (LxW) and 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 m Height
    • 200×200 mm, and 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 m Height.
  2. Standard tower color is RAL7035. Custom coloring is available.
  3. Towers are assembled on a base for stable assembly.
  4. The tower lid contains peripherals such as cables, sockets, etc. Easily assembled thanks to special coupling holes and provided screws.
  5. Custom colors, dimensions, or configurations are available.
Mouse Pad
Warning Systems

Our illuminated columns, which are used visually and audibly, are produced to give the right warning in the fastest way when a machine, process or equipment is required. It provides visual warning to the user with high light and 90 Db sound intensity in case of danger. Our warning lamps, which are compatible with our operator arm parts, offer solutions with multiple color options in a single body, Ø22 mm connection hole feature, LED, Flashing LED options in the same body.