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ECO.1291.0100 Image



The ECO 120 series of operator panels with keyboard are operator panels with a bit above the middle class as a segment. With its modern line and elegance; together with the articulable of additional panel feature the modularity has reached to a higher level. The internal usage depth of the 120 series panels are 210mm and the direct connection support to the operator arms is provided by the TK060.830 module. By means of its unique aluminum profiles, it has a lighter and more robust structure than other examples. It has a feature of assembling to the wall with the four corners with support of screw connections.The two panels can be opened and closed in the middle by means of the hinge and lock system in the middle part. It has a sealing feature in case of undesirable conditions like dust etc. The panel profile, panel corners, front and back panels are produced with aluminum, corner covers are produced with plastic material. For a more ergonomic use, a handle is used in this panel.

    Installation Area Back Area Installation Depth Support Arm No TK Article No
    Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Hinge Screw H profil profile installation platfom Installation Dep (mm) 130mm Ø 118×65.5mm Eco
    300 300 210 Yes Yes 194 Yes ECO.1291.0104
    300 300 210 Yes 210 Yes ECO.1291.0105
    300 400 210 Yes Yes 194 Yes ECO.1291.0106
    300 400 210 Yes 210 Yes ECO.1291.0107
    400 400 210 Yes Yes 194 Yes ECO.1291.0108
    400 400 210 Yes 210 Yes ECO.1291.0109
    400 500 210 Yes Yes 194 Yes ECO.1291.0110
    400 500 210 Yes 210 Yes ECO.1291.0111
    500 500 210 Yes Yes 194 Yes ECO.1291.0112
    500 500 210 Yes 210 Yes ECO.1291.0113
    500 600 210 Yes Yes 194 Yes ECO.1291.0114
    500 600 210 Yes 210 Yes ECO.1291.0115
    600 600 210 Yes Yes 194 Yes ECO.1291.0116
    600 600 210 Yes 210 Yes ECO.1291.0117