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TK060.838 Image


Ø48 mm Vesa Connection Module

TK060.838 module is a vesa connection module compatible with Ø48 mm diameter steel pipe profiles. It can be easily be mounted on steel pipe profiles with an outer diameter of 48 mm. It provides a wide-angle usage opportunity by positioning two screens on a pipe profile with their back faces facing each other. It supports all screens with 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm vesa dimensions. After the module is brought to the appropriate position on the pipe profile, it is securely fixed with the help of set screws. Thanks to the fixing units that allow the screens to stand at a certain angle up or down, an ergonomic usage angle is being offered.

Weight 1710 gr
Width 215 mm
Height 120 mm
Depth 120 mm
Color RAL 7035
Material Aluminum-Steel
IP class No
Rotatable No
Tiltable Yes
Package 1
Package size
Customized colours upon request Contact