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TK120.400 Image


Panel Coupling Module

TK120.400 Rotatable 90° Angle Panel Coupling is designed for combination which operator panels are needed immediately after a 90° angle corner turn. Max. diameter of the product is Ø 130mm and the rotation angle around its axis is 310° in total.Thanks to the module’s ability to turn around, the machine operator can make any position for himself with turning the direction of panel right and left. This product desiged for the panels which have large depth.( For example ECO 150 series or deeper)

Weight 2400 gr
Width 132 mm
Height 175 mm
Depth 150 mm
Color RAL 7035
Material Aluminum
IP class IP65
Rotatable 310°
Tiltable No
Package 1
Package size 195x160x135 mm
Customized colours upon request Contact