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Teknokol & The Benefits Of Using Support Arm Systems On Machinery

  • Date: 24 July 2023

Nowadays in the industry of machinery , there are various types of new combinations & engineering solutions for multifunctional , efficient, adjustable and easy use.

The main and most important reason is to find solutions to decrease the cost of energy & time in production facilities & lines.

Teknokol; is a Turkish Orijin company interacted with the production of various joint solutions to finalize a machines structure in terms of supporting the operating person with his work , giving him a much more ergonomic working space , which also reduces time energy!

Teknokol Support Arm Systems started it’s production in 2012, and is continuously working for better, realiable , flexiable & adjustable products. It has made a great impact in the industry in a short time & plays the role to become a top branded name in the market.

It adds value to “Made In Turkey” products by working delicately in terms of quality, trust , fast delivery and professional after sales support.

Nowadays having dealers in Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, Australia, USA, Brazil, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, India , Slovakia, Germany, United Kingdom,Belgium, Sweden and Russia; Teknokol aims to be an international brand by expanding it’s export business each year for the better.

Teknokol Support Arm Systems have much more benefits such as having load levels up to 1,500 N, A full one system with many options of combinations of application. A simple assembling system which helps reduce costs and weight and replacements in vertical axis. Uniform adjustment principle. Perfect limitation of rotation ranges Simple assembling , /one-person assembly . Profiles are easily cut to fit demanded dimensions/lengths. Colour options and many more; such as customized panel systems.

Teknokol has also previously launched new products such as the Height adjustable arm systems that allow operators in variable lengths to position heavy-duty panels, monitors etc up or down according to their ergonomic usage alignment.

We shall be happy to update you for further developments, news , technical ideas and much more in the coming days !

Stay tuned !