ECO 060 series is a panel to increase the internal usage of the panel with a keyboard. The ECO 060 series is an additional enclosure for increasing the internal usage area of the panel. With its modern line and elegance; together with the articulable of additional panel feature the modularity has reached to a higher level. The internal usage depth of the these panels is 150mm and the direct connection support to the operator arms is provided by the TK060.830 module ( connection addition from panel) .  By means of  its unique aluminum profiles, it has a lighter and more robust structure than other examples. The two panels can be opened and closed in the middle by means of the hinge and lock system in the middle part.  As an added feature, this panel has outward wings that facilitate cooling. The heat accumulation inside the panel can be easily removed by means of these wings and it ensures optimum operation of the system. It has a sealing feature in case of undesirable conditions like dust etc. The panel profile, panel corners, front and back panels are produced with aluminum, corner covers are produced with plastic material. The keyboard can be adjusted according to the user’s usage angle and the bellows apparatus has been installed for the connection of cables etc. Please contact us for keyboard dimensions.

Code: ECO.6091.6000
Installation Area Back Area Installation Depth Support Arm No TK Article No 3D File
Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Hinge Screw H profil profile installation platfom Installation Dep (mm) 130mm Ø 118×65.5mm Eco
300 300 150 Yes Yes 127 Yes 6091-6004
300 300 150 Yes 150 Yes 6091-6005
300 400 150 Yes Yes 127 Yes 6091-6006
300 400 150 Yes 150 Yes 6091-6007
400 400 150 Yes Yes 127 Yes 6091-6008
400 400 150 Yes 150 Yes 6091-6009
400 500 150 Yes Yes 127 Yes 6091-6010
400 500 150 Yes 150 Yes 6091-6011
500 500 150 Yes Yes 127 Yes 6091-6012
500 500 150 Yes 150 Yes 6091-6013
500 600 150 Yes Yes 127 Yes 6091-6014
500 600 150 Yes 150 Yes 6091-6015
600 600 150 Yes Yes 127 Yes 6091-6016
600 600 150 Yes 150 Yes 6091-6017